Tour Packages

How much does an escorted tour cost in Bangladesh?
Escorted tour packages and vacations offers great way to experience traveling to different countries.  There are now more touring styles than ever to match everyone’s needs and budgets. Escorted tours are indeed hassle-free ways to experience new destinations.
Planning a vacation can be both exciting and overpowering simultaneously.  Lots of research, planning, Choice of which countries to visit, where to stay, what to see, and how to get from place to place entails lot of research, planning, and potential difficulties.

We at can help by offering escorted and guided vacations.  We have been in the escorted touring business for over 25 years and have traveled to or lived all over in Asia. We can thus provide you with some detailed insider tips. Allow us to guide you from selecting ideal destinations, accommodations, and itineraries to figuring out when and where to travel, what to pack, and how to get where you want to go.
Let your holiday planning and travel problems be our headache, thus free yourself for a zero hassle and zero headache memorable holidays in Bangladesh.


Why take escorted tours vs. traveling on your own?
Firstly, escorted tours are usually cheaper than going solo on you own. Tour operators command attractive prices from bus companies, top rated hotel, entertainment centers because of volume of business they bring in for the service providers. Further, you have additional benefit of having experienced travel directors and expert local guides who have intimate knowledge of local area and its rich history. This allows you to get a glimpse to things not you cannot possibly obtain on your own. You will also economize time by not having to queue up at popular tourist sites allowing you to save time, thus money, allowing you to get more out of your vacation. Some of the lines in front of popular sites can easily be a wait of up to 3 or 4 hours if you try to get in on your own. With escorted tour arrangement are usually made for your group to go in front of the queue giving you more free time to enjoy the sites.

Escorted Travel
We will provide experienced and knowledgeable tour guides who will take you to the “best” parts of your destination thus letting someone else to handle the planning.  On an escorted tour, an expert will manage all activities such as sightseeing, excursions and most meals are planned in advance thus letting you to enjoy all your holiday time hassle free.
If you prefer you can form your own group or feel free to join one already existing.  You can visit various holiday location at a time or focus on one or two spots for more in-depth experience.  If you rather not travel by bus you may also travel by train alternatively.
This is a more relaxed touring experience compared to an escorted tour, and moves at a much slower pace.  Itineraries are custom designed that allow you to spend couple or more nights in each of the major cities and allows you more free time to explore on your own.
Small Group Tours (usually 5 to 10 guests)
Small group size, allows you to get more time and attention from your tour guide, as well as move through popular sites rather rapidly. This allows bigger free time to explore as well as participating in activities such as after-hours private tours, cooking classes, or culinary adventures normally not available to larger groups sizes as such.
More upscale hotels, breakfast daily, and your own driver/guide to take you on specially designed itineraries are common to privately guided tours.  Prices are not as expensive as you would think to have a custom vacation, especially for a small group size.
Please take the time to look through all of our available tour packages and speak to one of our tour consultants to begin the booking your next vacation. We only work with the top hoteliers and bus companies in Bangladesh each averaging at least 10 years of experience within the tour industry. is also one of the largest sellers of escorted tours and guided vacations around the world. So please avail your opportunity to tailor an escorted tour package for 2019 or 2020 that is perfect for you and anyone you would like to travel with.